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IMS Friday: The most popular keywords on microstocks - the results of 2022. What to shoot in 2023?
2023 is already here! Have you summed it up? Do you have any ideas for future work? There are so many amazing things in the world, what to choose? This report will answer your most important questions. What is popular now? What keywords will help you promote your work to the top? What files are downloaded most often? Everything is in a graphical representation, no boring and long texts. Only the essentials! Take a look and be the first!
New keyword filter: Getty words
As you may know, working with Getty takes some extra time managing used keywords, because they have their very own dictionary of them, that you have to follow. Now there is a way to minimize that time...
Most popular microstock keywords – 2019
Every day the ImStocker database is growing. The number of analyzed works has already exceeded 33 million. It is enough to do analysis of how keywords are used, how they are located in the tops of search result and how many downloads each word has. The article also provides source files so that everyone can do an analysis and make the own conclusions 😀
Most popular microstock keywords - 2018
For the year, we have increased size of our database from 1.5 million to 5.7 million entries with metadata about photos, illustrations, vectors and videos. It's time to share some statistical data! Again
How to save metadata into a file for microstock agencies
This tutorial tells how to prepare your jpeg files for submission to microstock agencies (such as Shutterstock, Dreamstime, 123rf, DepositPhoto and etc) by using new ImStocker feature: “Save to jpeg file”. This method allows to save title, description and keywords inside jpeg files, so you don’t have to fill them multiple times for each agency