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ImStocker Studio v.1.1.2 is out!
Small update before our next major release. In this update, we have improved the files and folders section and editing keywords section, added new functionality of the suggested keywords tool, improved translation of metadata, improved pop-up window of the settings and some other elements.
ImStocker Keyworder Autumn Update 2021
In this update, we are releasing several long-awaited features: a one-click delete keyword button, ability to fully restore last session, a button to translate metadata into English, and other improvements.

ImStocker - Microstock contributor's toolbox

Our mission is to bring total automation to microstock workflow. We believe that authors should devote theirs time to making beautiful assets but not to submission process. Another goal is to help microstock contributors find out what customers want to buy and to give some ideas for their future photos, illustrations and videos.
That is why we have created following services:

IMS Keyworder. Choosing right keywords for your assets is hard but very important work. Proper keywords will help to your customers find out your works from thousands. Thanks to data mining, our service suggests you which keywords will give you the most profit and which keywords already too competitive. Try it now for free

IMS Studio. Make usage of IMS Keyworder even easier. Write metadata directly to files on your computer, organize them using workspaces and do much more. Windows and Mac OS are supported Try it now for free