IMS Studio v2.6.0 congratulations on April 1st!

Spring is in full swing, there are short nights ahead, skirts are shorter) Today we are releasing the coolest and most unimaginably compelling update. Why? We didn't do anything) Bye to everyone)

IMS Studio v2.6.0 is developing at cosmic speed)

Ha ha ha) Didn't you believe it? You did the right thing) Happy April Fool's Day! We value our users and just can't help but work for you. Space IMS Studio v2.6.0 is expanding at the same rate as our team is growing) Today it has prepared pleasant and unexpected gifts: activation of microstock status, new functions for working with metadata, improving integration with IMS Vision, improved the search and replacement feature, the functions of rotating and flipping images. This is not a complete list of all the innovations) Do you want to dive into space and explore the new sides of IMS Studio v2.6.0? Then put on a spacesuit and into the rocket! 

We gain speed and overcome gravity)

1. Troposphere - Statuses

Attention, passengers. A new superpower has appeared - the function to "Activate" the microstock agency and view statuses belonging to this microstock. To do this, click on the button with the target and select the agency you are interested in.

You can now change statuses through the context menu. We have moved the statuses related to the submitting process to a separate subsection:

If the microstock is activated, the status of the activated microstock is displayed in the menu with a check mark.

This is not the end of our journey. IMS Studio is in a hurry to please you with a new more convenient filter. Now, instead of 4 separate drop-down lists for each of the statuses, there is one more intelligent filter in the filter window. It takes into account the last of the added statuses, making the search much easier

For those who are interested in how it works “under the hood”, we have added new tags that you can use when writing filters:

  • not-uploaded (leaves only those files that have not been uploaded to any of the stocks). You can limit the search range by specifying which microstocks files were not uploaded to. For example, not-uploaded(adobe stock) - shows only those files that are not uploaded to Adobe Stock.
  • last-marker:submit(adobestock) (leaves only those files with the latest status - “Uploaded to Adobe Stock”)

And a little more positive. If you have SS/M+ compatibility mode enabled, you can import statuses from there to IMS Studio using a special button:

Well, we are moving to a new level - into the stratosphere)

2. Stratosphere - Improved Metadata Editor

Let's imagine that meteors are small problems that burn up in the stratosphere thanks to the new functionality from IMS Studio) Rather, use it in your work to escape from meteors:

  1. The ability to highlight the first N keywords (as in IMS Keyworder). To adjust the number of highlighted words, go to “Settings” -> “Metadata Editor” -> “Highlighting the first N keywords”
  2. Now, if you crop the title or description by the number of characters or set a length limit for the stock, IMS Studio does not cut off in mid-word) This behavior can be changed in the settings
  3. We have improved the dialog for viewing keywords in a list. Now you can not only delete unnecessary words in it (now this is done by a cross), but also change their order. By the way, this function also works great if you select multiple files at once
  4. There are buttons for quickly transferring metadata from one field to another. They can be used to transfer the title to the description, and the description to keywords. In the latter case, the description is divided into separate words and all articles, conjunctions and prepositions are removed from them. The buttons work in two modes: with a normal click, the contents of the field are replaced, when pressed with the “Shift” key, they are supplemented

    By the way, as with many other commands, you can assign them keyboard shortcuts. And if you specify the same keyboard shortcut, you will get a combo: actions will be performed one after the other automatically.

  5. For those who want to perform a complex action with metadata, the function of changing the title, description and keywords by formula has appeared. Select the files and select “Run Command” -> “Change by formula” in the context menu.After that, a dialog box opens where you need to select the fields that you want to change (for example, “Title” and “Description"), and insert the formula (for example, “concat($, 'test')"). After clicking “Ok”, a line will be added to the title and description of all files word 'test'.

3. Mesosphere - Updating of standard microstocks

All ears. We are always aware of all the changes and events that occur at the microstocks. Adobe Stock has changed the rules for accepting vectors, so we have updated the standard FTP format. Now the vectors are loaded without ZIP.

4. Thermosphere - Improved work with Vision

If earlier, when sending MMS Vision files with existing keywords, it always generated new keywords, now it is possible to supplement them!

To regulate the behavior, a new setting “IMS Vision behavior when files already have keywords” has appeared in the “Settings” -> “Keyword suggesting” section. There are 3 modes available:

  • Complete keywords
  • Replace keywords
  • Skip files

5. Exosphere - Improved the workspace

Life is an eternal quest. Someone is looking for himself, the work of a lifetime, love, happiness… This list is endless. In this update, IMS Studio has paid special attention to searching and replacing metadata.

Firstly, the search bar is now adapted for small screens.

Secondly, the use of templates (regular expressions) is available when searching and replacing metadata.

Thirdly, search and replace can be case-sensitive.

To quickly change the current file to the next one, it is now possible to assign a hotkey)

In addition, you will be able to manage the options "Do not display the file extension" and "Display the size of selected files” in the "Workspace" section.

6. Ionosphere - File management functions

Oh, my God! New file management features are now available in your arsenal.

Firstly, a ZIP archive can now be created not only for vectors, but also for photos and illustrations. In the settings, you can specify additional file extensions that should be archived.

Secondly, there are functions for transform photos and illustrations:

  • Rotate 90° clockwise
  • Turn 90° counterclockwise
  • Flip horizontally
  • Flip vertically

Congratulations! We've entered orbit! Now you can leave your seats and go into outer space)

Open space and other improvements)

  1. When you select several files and copy them to another folder, the selection remains unchanged.
  2. The function of sending a file to SFTP has been improved.
  3. FTP-uploaded now is writing messages to upload process logs too.
  4. In the CSV format editor, which is available from the application settings, the selection of the linked microstock has been added, the same as when exporting.
  5. The “Clear embedded browser cache” button has appeared in the settings section.
  6. The "Delete file" function in the context menu has been moved to the “File” subsection by the last item.
  7. Now, when specifying restrictions for a specific microstock, the submit button becomes inactive.
  8. Opening a word selection by double-clicking on a file uses the general selection setting for the selection service.
  9. Fixed file name search.

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