Update of “Your keywords” form

Now we have finished of updating “Your keywords” widget. Now it displays keyword rank, shows if keyword is trademark and marks spelling errors

Keyword rank

Update keyworder widget

For now, we have analyzed metadata about over 5.5 million assets (photos, illustrations, vectors and videos). It has given us the opportunity to assign special rank to each keyword. Rank of keyword depends on its popularity (number of views and downloads) and competition level (number of assets which contains this keyword). Rank value is displayed as colored circle near to keyword:

  • 0 - White circle means that this keyword is very rare and we have not enough information to calculate rank for this keyword
  • 1 - Gray circle means bad rank. It is very common keyword with high competition or, maybe, nobody buys images with that keyword
  • 2 - Yellow circle is better but still not good
  • 3 - Green circle means normal rank. This keyword is demanded by customers and it is not too competitive
  • 4 - Blue circle means good keyword
  • 5 - Violet circle means excellent keyword. High sales and low competition

After you have done entering keywords, we recommend you to sort keywords by their ranks. You can do it by clicking on “Edit… -> Sort keywords -> Rank (Popularity / Competition)”

Sort keywords by popularity

Trademark keyword

There is another kind of rank displayed as red circle with “TM” text. This rank means that keyword can be some registered trademark and you should check if you have rights to use it. Using these keywords is normal for editorial pictures but not for royalty-free. Be careful with apples!

Determine trademark keywords

Today we have very short list of trademark keywords. If you knows some additional trademarks you can write us on feedback page or comment this article and we will add them

Spell checking

We have began marking misspellings in keywords. Our dictionary is forming dynamically based on how often some word is used. If you think that some word should be added to dictionary, write us

Keyword spell checking

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