Most popular microstock keywords - 2018

For the year, we have increased size of our database from 1.5 million to 5.7 million entries with metadata about photos, illustrations, vectors and videos. It's time to share some statistical data! Again

A year ago we have already shared with such data, now let’s see what has been changed. We will start with looking at what keywords are mostly used by contributors

Positions of keywords have been changed but top-50 is relatively same as a year ago. About 30% of assets contains white background. 18% is about nature. 17% is about people. 14% about business theme. Popular colors: white, blue, green, red, black and yellow – as a year ago.

Now lets see keywords ordered by download count of corresponding assets

And lets do the next step: dividing number of downloads on number of repeats. We will skip keywords that are used less than 1500 times to reduce statistical error

Most demanded resources are illustrations, vectors, icons, cliparts, backdrops, banners, logos and textures.

Popular themes: continents, silhouettes, families, computers, babies, smiles, dogs, doctors, industries, stars and etc. You can do your own research based on our data:

Download top 1000 keywords preferred by customers – 2018 (CSV)

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What about 2019 year?