How to save metadata into a file for microstock agencies

This tutorial tells how to prepare your jpeg files for submission to microstock agencies (such as Shutterstock, Dreamstime, 123rf, DepositPhoto and etc) by using new ImStocker feature: “Save to jpeg file”. This method allows to save title, description and keywords inside jpeg files, so you don’t have to fill them multiple times for each agency

Saving metadata

Microstock agencies usually require setting title/description and keywords for each uploaded photo. If you work with multiple agencies, you have to copy this information many times. But there is another option: you can save this data once into jpeg’s metadata headers (IPTC/Exif) and microstock agencies will read them. It is much faster than manually copy&paste keywords!

How to do that with ImStocker?

Step 1. Open ImStocker Keyworder

Step 2. Pick appropriate keywords by service OR click "start without search" and write keywords by yourself

Step 3. Write description and title of photo or illustration

Step 4. Click "Save to jpeg file" and choose jpg/jpeg file

Done! You will receive file with embedded metadata. You can upload this file to microstock agency (e.g. Shutterstock) and metadata will be already filled

Short video instruction:

How does it work?

Once you click the button "Save to jpeg file" and choose a file, file will be sent to server. Server opens a file, writes metadata inside it and then sends updated file back to you. After that file will be deleted from our server. We DO NOT store your photos, they are deleted as soon as possible. Why we need a server at all? Why not to do that in browser?

Answer is “It was easier to implement in this way”. We have a plan to make this feature client-side only (it means that files will not be send to us). Unfortunately, we haven't possibilities to do that right now. But you can support this feature by donating on our Patreon page.