ImStocker 2023 highlights!

New Year is the most incredible holiday. Before he arrives, we try to finish all the business, and outline plans for the coming year. Among all these important things, IMS Studio offers to wrap yourself in a warm blanket for a while, brew fragrant tea and travel with the Dragon through ImStocker updates to remember how it was and plan what will happen. I almost forgot, from December 25 to December 31 we are holding an action (all details are at the end of the post). Well, let's go!

The outgoing year 2023 began with an analysis of the trends of 2022. We have analyzed more than 90 thousand keywords and launched a special interactive service for IMS Studio subscribers. Take a look if you haven't seen it yet: many topics remain relevant from year to year (this was already our fifth review of the most popular keywords)

On February 9, on the eve of Valentine's Day, Dragon and I were inspired to create the long-awaited ImStocker Studio v2.1.0, where we pleased users:

  • A new section in the settings is “Microstocks”
  • New automatic file statuses: “Release”, “Download scheduled”. As well as the ability to create your own automatic statuses
  • New rules for checking metadata (number of category, country, date of shooting).
  • Memo panel can copy and paste any properties, including additional ones
  • The ability for users to create their own submit plugins, which makes our submit truly unlimited

After handing out the gifts, we flew on…

Traveling around different countries and learning more about what our beloved users need, on February 25 we released a minor update: ImStocker Studio v2.1.2, in which we improved work with CSV templates, with FTP and with group file editing.

Every year the number of our users increases. There were many new features and a modern guidebook was missing to get started with the program faster, so we worked hard on a new version of the help. March 4 is a long-awaited surprise! The help has been updated according to the current version of IMS Studio

IMS Studio and Dragon love to bring joy to users, so IMS Studio 2.2.0 was released on April 24. Happiness is doing what you love:

  • The microstock panel, with which setting statuses has become much easier
  • New context menu
  • Simultaneous translation, which allows you to enter the title/description in your language and immediately see the translation into English
  • The ability to schedule uploads for a specific day and time)
  • Creating connection groups

Before a responsible jump, it is better to take a good run. Do you agree? On April 29, we released a small update of IMS Studio 2.2.1, which allowed for more evenly distributed FTP uploads and improved the image resizing feature.

After exactly 30 days on May 29, it's time to freshen up with ImsStudio 2.3.0!

  • Categories, country and date of shooting in CSV templates
  • The ability to import releases
  • Linking callouts to keywords in templates

On June 7, IMS Vision broke into our lives and became part of a friendly team. It generates keywords of images and videos for you automatically. On June 13, the query history and CSV export settings appeared in IMS Vision directly from the site.

On July 5th, the Dragon and I went on a journey through the night sky and released IMS Studio 2.4.0 closer to the stars. Since that day, IMS Studio and IMS Vision have been working together) We also added the ability to generate svg files from eps and made setting up FTP connections more flexible.

It's dark just before dawn. On December 25, we released the IMS Studio 2.5.0 Holiday update. This includes gifts that will warm you with their warmth and care: improved work with a non-standard set of metadata, import/export and much more.


Anyone who purchases an annual subscription to IMS Studio from December 25 to 31, 2023 will receive a free bonus package for 1000 recognitions in IMS Vision! This has never happened before, friends. Follow the link: Hurry up, offer is limited!

In 2024, the year of the Wooden Dragon will come. The tree is considered an element of growth, success and development. The main thing to remember, dear users, is that each of us lives in our own time zone. Don't look back at others, you're not late for anything. You are walking your way in your time zone. Thank you for spending this year with us. We will delight you with new updates in the coming new year. In 2024, IMS Vision will feature automatic selection of not only keywords, but also titles and descriptions, and IMS Studio will make another big leap and in version 3 it will be possible for several users to work together.

ImStocker wishes you to conquer your peaks and achieve success in everything. Happy New year!