Small update of IMS Studio 2.2.1

We fix the errors that have arisen and slightly improve the interface
  • Fixed attaching new model releases
  • Fixed a bug when switching files immediately after editing the title or description
  • Added the ability to specify the total number of threads when uploading to microstocks in the “Upload and submit” section of the settings. To disable the limit, enter 0
  • When uploading to FTP fails, the program now attempts to reupload starting from where it left off
  • In the advanced settings of the “Upload and submit” section, the “Don’t await upload confirmation” setting has been added, which will help if the connection is automatically reset after uploading
  • Added the ability to specify DPI when generating a vector preview. The “DPI of vector preview generation” setting in the advanced settings of the “File formats” section is responsible for this.
  • When using the image resizing function, you can now specify the DPI
  • Added a warning about overwriting files when using the resize feature
  • Added the ability to specify a hotkey for the synchronous translation function. You can assign the same key to open/close synchronous translation for description and title
  • The keyword refinement window for Getty/iStock/ESP now highlights refiners that are already selected for another keyword in blue
  • Replaced old upload status on Videohive with new one (Envato)
  • When installing a plugin, the install button is now disabled so that you cannot accidentally run the installation twice

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