The long-awaited ImStocker Studio v2.1.0: improving ... EVERYTHING!!!

Soon February 14 - Valentine's Day) ImStocker Studio tried to prepare for this day and become the most charming and attractive! Don't miss your chance to get to know it better. Rather, read how ImStocker Studio v2.1.0 has changed! In short, you are waiting for the conversion of metadata sets, automatic statuses, useful functions when working with metadata, plugin development mode and much more...

New microstock section in settings

Sometimes, in order to achieve perfection, you need to rethink old decisions ... Now the place of the metadata sets section is occupied by the "Microstocks" section. But, you have nothing to worry about - your current settings will be automatically transferred to the new section.

Microstocks are not just renamed metadata sets, now the upload and submission statuses are binded using them. Thus, you can have several FTP connections with different settings related to one microstock, or microstocks that have no FTP connections.

In addition to setting the maximum number of keywords that were taken from the “main metadata set”, it became possible to limit the maximum number of characters in the title and description. These limits are applied when you are uploading files or exporting metadata to CSV

Improved file statuses

Meet the new statuses: "Accepted" and "Rejected". They are convenient to use in order to mark which works were accepted for microstock agency and which were rejected. If a file has the “Rejected” status on one of the microstocks, you will be able to re-upload it to that microstock, even if you have enabled “Skip already uploaded files” checkbox

In addition, the program has automatic statuses that appear for files according to specified conditions, for example:

  • Status “Release” — appears for files to which a release is attached. The number on the label indicates the number of attached releases;
  • Status “Upload planned” — appears for files that are queued for upload.

Automatic statuses are needed not only for beauty - just like regular statuses, they can be used in search queries. Thus, it is possible to filter, for example, files that are expected to be uploaded in the future to a specific microstock agency.

And, what's even nicer, you can create new automatic statuses yourself! To do this, new fields appeared in the status settings:

  • Checkbox “Automatic binding” — whether the status will be added manually or automatically
  • “Condition” field (for automatic statuses) — sets the filter of files to which the status will be attached (you can experiment with the search filter in the main window, and then insert the conditions here)
  • “Binding formula” field. Of course, it is convenient to set the binding condition, but the question arises: “How to bind depending on certain microstocks?”. We foresaw this moment and added this field. It only appears for automatic statuses if “Subject Type” = “Destinations”
  • “Flag text” field — in addition to the status icon, you can also set the displayed text. Specified as a fixed string or formula.
  • “Position” field — now the status can be displayed not only on the left of the thumbnail, but also on the right

Working with metadata

New Metadata Check Rules

Added new metadata check rules:

  1. category number,
  2. country is specified
  3. shoot date is specified

Now you can also set allowed video codecs in file warnings.

Copying and pasting additional properties

Previously, the Memo panel was only used to copy and paste the title, description, and keywords. Now you can use it to transfer any other properties, such as categories or country.

By default, when pasting from the Memo, all copied properties are pasted. But you are the BOSS, and it is up to you to decide what needs to be transferred and what not. To do this, we have added special switches to the left of the field names in the Memo. We almost forgot, another feature appeared - the “Other props” button. When pressed, a window with additional properties opens, which you can also paste or not paste from the clipboard.

New commands

New functions have appeared in the context menu in the metadata subsection:

  • Fill title with description;
  • Fill description with title;
  • Truncate title;
  • Truncate description;
  • Truncate keywords.

As with other commands, in the settings you can assign hotkeys to these actions to use them even faster.

Export Improvement

Lastly, we've updated some of the default CSV templates and also added the ability to export CSV filenames without extension. Now, when selecting the “File name” type using the dialog box, you can set the allowed extensions (or export without extension) and specify whether to use the transliterated file name.

Uploading files

Improvements have also been made to uploading files. The function to check the connection before uploading has been added. To do this, click on the “Test connection” button in the file upload window for one of the FTP connections.

And one more innovation. When exiting, if there are active download/submit processes, the program will warn you about it.

Simplify the development of new plugins

Do you feel that existing plugins are not enough? Us too! Now you can create your own plugins.

Click on the arrow next to the “Install from disk…” button and select “Create plugin” from the drop-down list. You will be prompted to select the folder where you want to save the plugin. After that, a window will open where you must enter the fields “Service name” and “Title”. You can also include a description, author, and website. Once created, the plugin will be installed automatically. Soon we will write instructions, what to do the next)

If you want to get more information on creating plugins right now, write to us in instant messenger or via the feedback form (

For debugging plugins, a “plugin developer mode” has appeared. With it, you can view the structure of the submit process and run it in debug mode

Other improvements

  1. Added the function to enlarge the document in the release editing form.
  2. Added reading of release data filled in via EasyRelease
  3. Now you can close the image viewer pop-up window using the “Escape” key.
  4. Added the ability to assign commands to the “Delete” key. By default, it deletes the file
  5. The "Save" button has a context menu with the "Forced re-save" item to overwrite files.
  6. Fixed adding and displaying user statuses.
  7. Fixed display of modified date in tooltip when hovering over file thumbnails
  8. New file sorting type “By creation date”.
  9. Now in the FTP connection settings it is specified what exactly to enter in the login line: login, email or id.
  10. Fixed reading and saving the shooting date of files.
  11. Updated video codec detection algorithm
  12. Fixed reading metadata of video files recorded by some third-party programs
  13. Improved compatibility with SS/M+
  14. Now CSV formats are not used when exporting if they are hidden.
  15. Added the ability to backup the keyword dictionary.
  16. Improved generation of previews of EPS and SVG files when the size of both sides is set in the settings: both width and height.
  17. Added automatic transfer of Cyrillic and numbers to the Imstocker Keyworder search box.
  18. Ability to enable and disable plugin content
  19. In the window “About the program” the email of the current user is now shown
  20. Fixed import of CSV files
  21. Fixed writing metadata to large video files
  22. Fixed errors when loading the view “undefined - Asset not found, file may have been deleted”
  23. Fixed display of video duration when generating previews
  24. Added support for metadata truncation (trunc) function in formulas
  25. Added support for the metadata concatenation function (concat) in formulas
  26. Fixed a bug with incorrect determination of the file modification status, when after saving the program shows that the file is still modified
  27. The "Randomly distribute keywords" button is now always visible, not only when more than one file is selected
  28. Fixed FTP reconnect on upload error
  29. Added the ability to explicitly specify that you need to use a mirror server instead of the main one (relevant for those who have not loaded without a VPN)
  30. When copying a title or description to a file name, punctuation marks are no longer replaced by underscores by default (you can return the behavior in the settings)

The above are just the main changes. It's hard to count how many other minor improvements we've made. So our article has come to an end. Download the updated program from the link or use auto-update and check out new features.

P.S. We hope you enjoy this version. Write to us on social networks ( - here we publish our news, - and here you can ask a question or chat) about what you think about this. We value everyone's opinion! See you)