Exactly 5 years ago on November 7, 2017
ImStocker project was launched!
During this time we have come a long way. Let's remember together how it was.
The most attentive will find a small but nice gift on the way 😉
October 17, 2017
We are launching the beta version of ImStocker Keyworder, which we announce in our twitter account
November 07, 2017
We have officially launched the site and released our first blog post. This day is considered the birthday of ImStocker
November 14, 2017
We have made our first review of keyword usage and popularity statistics.
December 10, 2017
Added the ability to customize how suggested keywords are displayed. Since then, customization has been one of the main features of ImStocker
March 18, 2018
We have added the function to save metadata directly into jpeg files. We made our first video on our youtube channel (we will revive it some day...) and wrote blog post
March 26, 2018
We were visited by the first hundred users
July 01, 2018
We've added a feedback form...
September 16, 2018
…the first person wrote to us via feedback form. We are very attentive to user feedback. Many functions of ImStocker projects appeared thanks to you, our dear users
November 14, 2018
Our second keyword review
November 23, 2018
We added templates feature. Templates is one of the ways to deal with the routine. So it is one of our faithful helpers
December 10, 2018
ImStocker became bilingual - Russian localization appeared!
December 17, 2018
IMS Keyworder integrates with M+ and can now be used with one of the most popular submission services
December 31, 2018
Our attendance has reached 1000 people per month!
March 30, 2019
Added three different interface modes that dramatically change the way you use the service. There will be a fourth later.
October 02, 2019
Now it is possible to save metadata in EPS without leaving the site
November 14, 2019
Our 3rd keyword review, which this time has been supplemented with new criterias
April 01, 2020
New keyword editor with autocomplete feature. There is no such editor anywhere else 🙂
April 30, 2020
Our attendance has reached 5000 people per month!
June 03, 2020
We started developing IMS Studio
February 04, 2021
We added displaying of IMS Keyworder usage statistics in the user profile page
March 01, 2021
We have released a preview version of IMS Studio
June 18, 2021
Release of IMS Studio v.1.0.0. For testing purpose the functions of the PRO version are available to everyone for free
June 23, 2021
Added filter "Getty" for keywords. It was the first step towards making it easier to work with Getty and IStock. Later, IMS Studio will have a keyword refinement feature
June 28, 2021
The paid version of IMS Studio was launched. In honor of this, we gave a “50 OFF” promo code for annual plans. Here you go, we have one more left: LASTEARLYBIRD. Hurry up! It is valid for only a day. If you missed it, there is another one below …
October 10, 2021
Our attendance has reached 10 thousand people per month!
December 01, 2021
Video support in IMS Studio v1.2.0
December 28, 2021
After a year of respite, we are releasing a new review of the most popular keywords. This time in the form of an interactive keystat service for our subscribers. We plan to update it again this year.
March 13, 2022
We registered a channel in the telegram, and later a chat in which you can ask a question or comment on the news
March 15, 2022
Release of IMS Studio 1.4.0 with support for PNG, SVG, RAW, lightbox
July 01, 2022
Hierarchical templates and the function to assign a hotkey to them
August 05, 2022
Major update of IMS Studio 1.6.0 with a powerful filter system, file statuses, keyword refinement for Getty and other improvements. The update was so big that we described it in four parts
September 02, 2022
IMS Studio 1.7.0 update - improved file upload panel
September 23, 2022
Stop-list feature in IMS Keyworder
October 11, 2022
IMS Studio 1.8.0. Feature to add files to collections, improved filters and file validation, import/export settings
October 31, 2022
ImStocker v. 1.8.1! Function to postpone unsaved changes and function to schedule file uploading. This is the most up to date version.
November 7, 2022
...and this is far from the end of the story...
For 5 years we have been reliable assistants for you.

We work hard every day to make ImStocker awesome. We have big plans for the future: submission to microstocks, multi-user access, automatic metadata filling, stock analytics and many, many more. We are not going to stop there! But to increase resources we need your support.

For everyone who believes in the project and wants to support it, we have created a new PRO-version plan that is not a subject to inflation - pertual plan. We give 50% discount (valid 10 days) using the coupon code CAKE for this plan. Hurry up!
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