Meet summer juicy update of ImStocker Studio v. 1.6.0

Did you miss us? We, too! We are releasing a new version of ImStocker Studio 1.6.0 with many improvements. We prepared for you new opportunities for working with file statuses, metadata, videos, vectors and much more. There are so many improvements that we decided to post the details of the update for several days! In the coming days we will post information about the new features of ImStocker Studio 1.6.0.

Let's take a quick look at how the new version of ImStocker Studio can make life easier for people involved in the art of photography, illustration and video:

  1. Now you can track in the program where and when you uploaded a particular file. You can also add your own statuses to files to group them by specific criteria.
  2. Not enough filters? We thought so. In the new version, there are extended set of tools for filtering files.
  3. Added the ability to refine keywords for Getty/IStock/ESP inside the program.
  4. New auto update system. Now you can manage the update: start downloading and stop at any time, monitor the download process and much more.
  5. Now the program has the same tree-like templates as in ImStocker Keyworder.
  6. Added an option to combine the title and description in one field. It will free you from copying.
  7. Now, as an option for the keyword randomization and distribution feature, you can choose the number of first words that will stay in place.
  8. Improved work with video: when generating a preview, now you can enlarge the selected frame and save it to a separate file. We also added the ability to autoplay the video when you select it.
  9. Added new options for generating previews when working with vectors.
  10. New functions for working with files are waiting for you: copying files inside the program and renaming files by title or description
  11. Now you can manage connection settings, CSV templates, and metadata sets in a single settings window. Unnecessary items can now be hidden.
  12. Added the ability to create a CSV format from a template
  13. New standard FTP-connection - Videohive
  14. Loading current metadata in keywords suggestion feature has become faster

And this is just the beginning. Do you wonder what new features have appeared in ImStocker Studio 1.6.0? Then don't miss the next episodes, in which we will tell you in detail and show you about them. Until we meet again, dear user)