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ImStocker massive update: Hot fragrant baked goods of IMS Vision & Keyworder & Studio
It's cold outside, but warm and cozy inside. Feel the comfort of home with IMS Vision, IMS Keyworder and IMS Studio. In IMS Vision you will find an expanded recognition history, an improved algorithm and a new display mode of batch processing results. IMS Keyworder will delight you with the management of phrases in the suggested keywords. And IMS Studio will work better with IMS Vision. Want to try all the new features? Brew tea (coffee), sit on the sofa and feel a sense of pleasure)
Enjoy the fruit and berry update of IMS VISION
Hello everyone) Sometimes you really want something sweet ... Do not deny yourself the pleasure) IMS Vision has prepared for you a sweet cake with fruit and berry filling: advanced editing functions, templates, API access, as well as a couple of secret ingredients;) Hurry read the recipe.