ImStocker massive update: Hot fragrant baked goods of IMS Vision & Keyworder & Studio

It's cold outside, but warm and cozy inside. Feel the comfort of home with IMS Vision, IMS Keyworder and IMS Studio. In IMS Vision you will find an expanded recognition history, an improved algorithm and a new display mode of batch processing results. IMS Keyworder will delight you with the management of phrases in the suggested keywords. And IMS Studio will work better with IMS Vision. Want to try all the new features? Brew tea (coffee), sit on the sofa and feel a sense of pleasure)

IMS Vision with 3 new flavors

Chocolate waffle rolls

Saving in the recognition history not only recognized keywords, but also entered names and descriptions will not leave anyone indifferent. Titles and descriptions can also be exported to a CSV file.

Puff pastries with apples

New type of recognition result display: one by one. Now you can switch files, rather than scrolling down in search of what you need. To try new display mode, use the button to the left of the settings.

Cupcakes with boiled condensed milk

We have improved the integration of IMS Vision with IMS Studio (update it too) for your convenience, and have also slightly improved the keyword generation algorithm

IMS Keyworder sorted everything out

IMS Keyworder now allows you to break up phrases in the list of suggested keywords. The default value is “Keep”. If you want to hide phrases or break them up, you must select the appropriate mode. Moreover, the “Keep and split” function is available, which allows you to simultaneously see words from phrases separately and together) Bon appetit

After a quality rest, you can set out to create with renewed vigor, discover something new, or try something new. Cooking, for example) The main thing is to do what you like. You will succeed! See you soon)