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ImStocker massive update: Hot fragrant baked goods of IMS Vision & Keyworder & Studio
It's cold outside, but warm and cozy inside. Feel the comfort of home with IMS Vision, IMS Keyworder and IMS Studio. In IMS Vision you will find an expanded recognition history, an improved algorithm and a new display mode of batch processing results. IMS Keyworder will delight you with the management of phrases in the suggested keywords. And IMS Studio will work better with IMS Vision. Want to try all the new features? Brew tea (coffee), sit on the sofa and feel a sense of pleasure)
ImStocker 2023 highlights!
New Year is the most incredible holiday. Before he arrives, we try to finish all the business, and outline plans for the coming year. Among all these important things, IMS Studio offers to wrap yourself in a warm blanket for a while, brew fragrant tea and travel with the Dragon through ImStocker updates to remember how it was and plan what will happen. I almost forgot, from December 25 to December 31 we are holding an action (all details are at the end of the post). Well, let's go!