ImStocker Studio v1.4.0 is out!

Meet IMS Studio v.1.4.0: support for new formats, lightbox panel, two new types of file display, search and replacement of metadata, generation of previews for EPS files, functions for working with folders, improvement of the module for finding spelling errors in titles and descriptions, new predicted results. And these are just the most significant improvements.

ImStocker Studio just got even better in v1.4.0! Among the most significant changes:

  • Support for SVG, PNG and RAW files ⚡️
  • Possibility to edit files without creating workspaces - simply by dragging the file into the program window
  • Lightbox panel 🔥🔥 - work with files from different folders at the same time
  • You can assign a hotkey to even more actions
  • Display files in three modes: tiles, list and table ⚡️⚡️⚡️
  • Fixed flickering files when scrolling
  • Search and replace metadata 🔥🔥🔥
  • File filtering by metadata completion status 
  • EPS preview generation ⚡⚡
  • Support for storing metadata in separate XMP files
  • Folder commands: rename, delete and create subfolders 🔥 - right inside the program
  • Possibility to specify copyright, email and country of the author when saving
  • Function to correct spelling errors ⚡️ in titles and descriptions 
  • More information about files in tooltip
  • New settings for file warnings: about too small image size, about non-standard video frame rate 🔥

The update turned out to be very capacious, therefore, in order not to be scattered, we will tell you more about the new features in our next posts. In the meantime, you can try them out yourself by downloading the new version of the program here:, or by using the auto-update feature.

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