IMS Studio v1.3.1 - small post-Christmas update

Here comes 2022! We're excited to bring you this year's first ImStocker Studio update - it's small, but it's just the beginning. We have really big plans for this year 😊

Possibility to configure a warning about exceeding the file size limit

Now in the program settings, you can set the file size threshold, at which a special warning about exceeding it will appear. The setting is located here:

Separately, you can specify a limit for photos, for vector files in EPS format, and for video files. If the file is larger than the specified limit, you will see the following message:

Function to copy file name to “Title”

Now you can fill in the empty “Title” attribute with the value of the file name using the new command in the context menu:

For convenience, you can assign a hotkey to this command in the “Hotkeys” section of the program settings.

Improvements to using hotkeys

Now, for clarity, the hotkeys assigned to commands are displayed in the drop-down context menu:

In addition, new commands have been added to which you can assign your own keyboard shortcut:

  • Fill empty description with title
  • Fill empty title with description
  • Fill empty title with file name

Also fixed a problem when assigning a hotkey to the command to rename a file. Previously, when calling this command via a hotkey, it was impossible to specify a new file name. Now, this can be done in a special pop-up window:

Other improvements:

  • File upload settings on Alamy added to list of available default destinations
  • Fixed a bug in the function of automatically determining the separator in a CSV file when importing metadata, due to which not all files were read correctly

You can download ImStocker Studio v1.3.1 for free here: If you already have the program on your computer, it will be updated automatically the next time you restart. 

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