ImStocker Studio v. 1.0.2 is out!

In this version, you will find optimization for working with files and improving usability.

What's new:

  1. Optimized work with files

Folders with a lot of images now open faster. Fixed several old issues causing file saving errors

  1. Reverse translation function

Users of the PRO version of ImStocker can now translate metadata not only into English, but also back into their native language. This is useful if you need to make some changes to an already attributed file.

To use this function, hold down the <Alt> key while clicking on the translation button. The same can be done using the hotkeys: ctrl + alt + T.

  1. Choice of action when double-clicking on a thumbnail

Now you can select the action that will be called when you double-click on the file thumbnail. Possible options:

  • Open in standard program (old functionality)
  • Open the keyword selection window
  • Enlarge image
  1. Buttons for copying and pasting metadata

We have duplicated the buttons for copying metadata to the clipboard and pasting from it in the top line of the program. Now these functions can be used in one click.

  1. Additional functionality of templates

Now you can set not only keywords in the template, but also the title and description. When activating a template, the current name and description will be replaced with new ones - from the template.

  1. Adding keywords

We have improved the function of applying keywords during their selection. Now when you press a key, instead of replacing the current keywords with new ones, the new set of keywords will only supplement the existing ones

That's all for now. Try out the new functionality yourself in ImStocker Studio.