ImStocker Studio v. 0.9.9 has been released

We continue to improve the program in accordance with your suggestions and comments

What's new?

1. Improvements of sidebars

The size of the sidebars can now be adjusted even more. In the right panel, it became possible to change the height of the block with a preview of the image. The left panel now can be completely hidden.

Also we created new left panel “Memo”. It is special clipboard to store and display metadata copied from a files. And there is also a place for new panels ... ;-)

2. New options in the context menu of the files

Now in the context menu you can:

  • open the file in the standard program;
  • show the file in the Explorer/Finder;
  • copy the metadata to the Memo (and paste it from it);
  • fill an empty description with a title and vice versa;
  • rename the file;
  • move selected files.

Renaming of files is also available by double-clicking on the name

Context menu

3. Changes of workspace browser

In this version:

  • now when you hover the image we display tooltip with brief information about the file
  • it became possible to return to the parent directory from the child workspace;
  • expanding of the workspace tree in the left pane is now synchronized with navigating through the child directories;
  • it became possible to make image tiles even larger;
  • we fixed incorrect selection when the workspace contains a lot of files
  • using F5 you can now refresh the current workspace;
  • we fixed opening of the last workspace if it was a child workspace.

4. Other improvements

  • we fixed a bug with displaying an empty screen at startup;
  • we improved logging system to track errors;
  • if you switch the active image with multiple selection, you can now edit all selected filed or just one active file
  • we fixed enlarging of preview for vertical images, if the size of the program window was too small;
  • we fixed a bug with deleting of workspaces from the list of workspaces
  • the F5 key now allows you to refresh the keyword suggestion window.

You can download the updated program at the link: or use auto-update