Release notes 18.12.2017: keywords editing

List of recent changes of ImStocker: we have added menu for selected keywords editing/sorting, setting for choosing keywords’ delimiter and “Clear form” button

Keywords editing menu

Submenu “Sort keywords” allows you to sort selected keywords list:

  • “Rank (Popularity / Competition)” – by rank of keyword, which based on number of downloads, number of views and total number of assets with that keyword. From the best to the worst.
  • “Alphabet ↓" – by alphabet from “A” to “Z”
  • “Alphabet ↑” – by alphabet from “Z” to “A”
  • "Random” – randomly

Submenu “Convert each” allows you:

  • “To singular” – convert all keywords to singular form and remove duplicates
  • “To plural” – convert all keywords to plural form and remove duplicates

Choosing keywords’ delimiter

Firstly, we have renamed “Suggesting settings” button to “Keywording settings”, because now its options affect “Your keywords” box too

Secondly, we have added new setting “Delimiter of keywords”, which determines what symbol will be used between keywords:

  • “Comma (,)” – “apple, tree, flower”
  • “Semicolon (;)” – “apple; tree; flower”
  • “New line” – one line – one keyword

“Clear form” button

Finally, we have moved “Clear keywords” button to the right side to reduce accidental clicks and added “Clear form” button right after search string, which will remove keywords and revert page to initial state.