April update

What is new: new keyword editor with autocompleting

New keyword editor with autocompleting

We almost totally rewrote our keywords editor in “Your keywords” section.

  • Autocompleting: ImStocker now suggests variant of keywords when you start typing. Press <Enter> to select variant, press <Tab> to select one word from variant, <Up> and <Down> to navigate between variants
    Autocompleting in ImStocker keyworder editor
  • Auto separator inserting: now we add comma/semicolon automatically when you start type between keywords
    Auto separator inserting in ImStocker keyworder editor
  • Keywords dragging is improved:
    Keyword dragging in ImStocker keyworder editor
  • Keyboard navigation between keywords: <Ctrl/Cmd+Left/Right> and other key combinations
    Keyword navigation in ImStocker keyworder editor
  • etc…

New customization options

We add two additional options to customize your ImStocker Keyworder:

New customization options in ImStocker Keyworder service
  • Swap columns in layout. It is available for all two-columns interface layouts. It moves right column to the left, and left column to the right
  • Thumbnail mode. Allows you to set whether the thumbnail will be cropped or fully visible
Changing of new customization options in ImStocker Keyworder service

New keywords sorting options

Now you can set secondary sorting in “Suggest keywords” section.

By default suggested keywords are sorted by number of occurrences and then by the rank. If you want, you can do the opposite: firstly sort suggested keywords by the rank and then by number of occurrences with following settings:

  • Disable “Group by number of occurrences”
  • Set “Keyowrd rank ↑” to “Sort keywords by”
  • Set “Number of occurrences ↑” to “Secondary sorting” (this option available if only “Group by number of occurrences” is disabled)
New options for sorting suggested keywords in ImStocker Keyworder service

In “Your keywords” section you can now sort keywords by number of occurrences in selected works (“N” button in following picture). You also can choose secondary sorting option if you press <Ctrl/Cmd> button

New options for sorting selected keywords in ImStocker Keyworder service

Templates importing/exporting

Now you can import your templates from CSV-file and export template to this format:

Templates importing/exporting in ImStocker Keyworder service

Try these new features here: IMS Keyworder!