October update

What is new: optimization, saving metadata to EPS, template search, multiple microstock selection in advanced search


A lot of work has been done to improve site performance. So now, it should work a little faster 😀 In addition, many small changes were made in UI, in particular, the rattling of the cursor when dragging keywords was fixed.

Saving metadata to EPS

Now it is possible to save metadata not only in JPEG files but also in vector EPS files

Save metadata to EPS files

Template search

Now if you have a lot of templates (more than 10) search bar appears to filter by name:

Template search

Multiple microstock selection in advanced search

In the previous version, it was possible to select only one microstock in the advanced search. Now you can choose several microstock agencies as a source. By default, this option is saved between searches.

Try these new features here: IMS Keyworder!