Summer update

What is new: search bar improvements, multiple separated keywords dragging, quick templates using, default template, highlighting when too many keywords are selected

Search bar improvements

1. Now you can clear content of search bar using X button:

Clear search bar button

2. ImStocker now remembers last of used search type (any, photo, illustration, vector or video). You can switch off this using “Remember last search type” setting

3. When you scroll down the page, search bar now is appearing on the top of the screen

Search bar at the top

Multiple keywords dragging

Now you can select and drag multiple keywords using “Ctrl” key

Drag multiple keywords

Quick template using

You can apply template using new button “+” in templates dropdown

Quick template using

Default template

If you need to have some pre selected keywords, you can make some template to be default (in create or edit popup). Keywords of default template will be selected even after clearing of the form

Default template editing
Default template example of usage

To many keywords notification

“Suggested keywords” and “Your keywords” areas now will be highlighted when you will pick more than 50 keywords

Too many keywords highlighting

Try these new features here: IMS Keyworder!