Usability update of ImStocker Keyworder

We have added keywords’ tooltips to “Your keywords” block, rank filter, improved UI for wide screens, updated image browser and gave ability to change columns width

Tooltips in “Your keywords” block

They works the same as in the block “Suggested keywords”

Keywords tooltips

Rank filter

Now you can filter suggested keywords by theirs ranks

Rank filter

Hide multi-word keywords

We have add additional option to hide keywords, which consisted of multiple words, in Keywording settings

Hide multi-word keywords

Improvements of two columns interface layout

1. You can customize width of columns

Customize columns size

2. You can change size of images using Ctrl + Mouse Wheel in left column and “Select works…” popup

Customize image size

3. You can select images by mouse dragging

Image multi-select

4. Right column now has fixed position while scrolling

Try these new features here: IMS Keyworder!