Image browser and interface customization

We have created new image browser to make selecting of similar photos easier. Moreover, now you can choose how the interface of ImStocker should look like.

New image browser

Now when you are seeking similar images you can click this button:

Select works button

And you will get window with all found images in the grid:

Image browser

Layout modes

Using these buttons:

Layout mode buttons

You can choose one of the three interface layouts:

  • Standard: similar images, suggested and selected keywords in a single column (like it was before);
  • Two-column: similar images, then two columns: suggested and selected keywords;
  • Images on the left: similar images in the left column, suggested and selected keywords in the right column
New interface layouts

Quick sort buttons

We also have added buttons for quick sorting of keywords selected by you

Quick sort buttons

Try these new features here: IMS Keyworder!