Advanced keyword search

We have added additional options in IMS Keyworder to make your search more precise. You can specify type of media: photo, illustration, vector or video; type of license (editorial or royalty-free) and choose if you interested only in assets with model releases.
ImStocker advanced search

Sometimes it is hard to express what you need in single searching phrase. That’s why we have created a new ImStocker feature: advanced search. Available filters:

  • type of media,
  • license type,
  • "with models" checkbox.

Type of media

Imstocker advanced search: work type

Some keywords are specific to what kind of files you want to submit. Depending on it, you can choose one of following:

  • Any
  • Photo
  • Illustration
  • Vector
  • Video

For example, if you select “Vector”, we will show you only vector art works in search result.

License type

Imstocker advanced search: license type

It is known that some keywords should be avoided for using in royalty-free assets but they are ok for editorial ones (e.g. trademarks). Filter allows to select one of following variants:

  • Any license
  • Non-Editorial (royalty-free)
  • Only editorial

“With models” checkbox

Imstocker advanced search: with models

If “With models” checkbox is on, search result will contain only works with model releases (with people, usually).