Hello, blog!

This is the first article in the blog. It is about what is ImStocker and how it will be developed in near future

ImStocker is planned to be some collection of utilities for microstock contributors. For now we have only one: IMS Keyworder. It is keyword suggesting service which help you choose proper keywords to your works. It is known that right set of keywords promotes your files in microstocks' search systems - so you will get more sales

But not every keyword is useful. Keywords must describe accurately your works and be demanded, i.e. be simple and known to customers. IMS Keyworder will show you popularity of each keyword, how often users download and view assets with that keyword, and how often it is used by another contributors. It will help you choose keywords that are in trend

How to use IMS Keyworder?

  1. Open this link in the browser (it was the easiest part)
  2. Write some initial keywords to search string
  3. Keywording service will find assets matched with your input. You should select similar works
  4. Then your will see keywords of selected works. Pick keywords that fit to your work. Color of circle inside keyword indicates its rank based on following parameters: average number of downloads, views and competitive level.
  5. Edit resulting keywords if needed and copy them.
  6. Done! This is it. Not too hard isn't it?

Future developments

Near tasks:

  1. Implement advanced search: work types (photo/illustration/vector/video), negative keywords, has models flag
  2. Improve keywords suggestion: dealing plural form, sorting.
  3. Show some statistic of keywords: which are bestsellers, most common and etc